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Sam: Can you please share your background as to how you came to Aura-Soma?

Mike: I was at a mind, body, spirit exhibition showing some of my paintings. At the time I was producing cards, prints and lithographs of the paintings and this was my sole reason for being there. At that exhibition I heard there was a blind lady showing some coloured bottles. This was coincidental and synchronous with conversations that I’d had with friends about the possibility of bringing crystals, colour, herbs and essential oils together as a means of helping or assisting people in an awakening journey. I was very interested, and even though I was perhaps a bit skeptical, I went to look at her stand where she was involved in a very deep conversation with somebody.

Immediately as I arrived, she turned to me and said, “The energy here is not very good, go and do something about it.” I had never met this woman, had no previous connection with her so I thought this was very strange and rather off-putting. Nevertheless, I found myself doing something I had never done before which was, I think, very inspired but it was out of character and somewhat strange. I went to the four corners of that exhibition hall and asked the Archangels of the four directions to come into the exhibition hall. Out of curiosity, I then walked back past her stand and when I arrived there she immediately said, “That is much better. I think we are supposed to work together.” It was all very strange and most of me just wanted to completely dismiss the whole thing.

It turned out that Vicky Wall (the founder of Aura-Soma) and her partner, Margaret Cockbain, were invited to our house, shortly afterwards, to do one of the first seminars on the Aura-Soma system in the UK. I thought I would find out what it was that had taken place at the exhibition. At the seminar I took Vicky for a walk which she had to do every day for maintaining her heart muscle after three fairly large heart attacks and a massive infarct. She only had 40 percent of her functional heart muscle left, so not walking was not an option, it had to be done. Margaret was tired so I took her for a walk and on that walk she said to me “As I said, I thought we were supposed to work together. I want you to move from here to London.” We were living in Somerset at the time and so, against all my friends’ and family’s advice, that is what happened. This was my beginnings with the Aura-Soma system.
Sam: What would you like to share with regards to Aura-Soma and healing with colour that can assist people’s lives in creating their life consciously?

Mike: When somebody selects a bottle, what they are actually doing is facing themselves in the mirror of colour. We can say that this mirror is one which is, without any doubt, a very accurate mirror in relation to consciousness, in relation to what is contained within the person who is facing those bottles at that point in time.

There are 116 colour combinations and we encourage the person to choose four of them which is in a sequence of what calls to them the most. A calling which comes, not in terms of what somebody likes or dislikes, but a sense of the bottles choosing them. To support somebody in their journey towards themselves, to be more aware, to be more mindful in relation to their day-to-day lives, to actually give that person the opportunity to face those colours, to face the colour consciousness within themselves, is also an opportunity for them to be able to recognise what they need in relation to what the Aura-Soma system offers.

The offering is not only colour but it is also plants, crystals and a whole package from the three kingdoms. We use spagryic tinctures of gems and crystals that I personally select, which go into each and every one of those colour combinations. They are produced for us from those pre-selected crystals by a company in Switzerland whom I have worked with very closely for many, many years.

We also use essential oils, some of which are grown on our own bio-dynamic farm here in Lincolnshire. This is a very important part of the whole of the Aura-Soma philosophy. We call it soil to soul; an opportunity to realise how important the soil is in relation to the immunity of the plants. If we are going to use those plants for healing, if we are going to use them in a supportive role in our journey towards ourselves, so then, the immunity of the plants can also possibly help with the immunity within ourselves. Growing bio-dynamically and beyond the bio-dynamics, the practice on Shire Farm is something very fundamental and important in relation to Equilibrium. Other essential oils we source from around the world from bio-dynamic or wild-crafted suppliers where possible but, if not, organic suppliers.

This is part of the Aura-Soma story. The colours are largely from plant materials, tree barks or roots and we blend these colours to produce very specific wavelengths which give access to the chakra system; the energy centres of ourselves. Vicky Wall, our innovator and who brought Aura-Soma into being, had a saying which is still used today, “You are the colours you choose.” In other words, there is no separation between the colours you choose and what you are. The second part of this particular statement is, “and these reflect your being’s needs.” To be able to work with and apply these dual-coloured bottles to the body, is an opportunity to present ourselves not only with this mirror in relation to colour, but also to re-balance ourselves through our pre-selection.

In the early days of the Aura-Soma system, a London doctor, Dr Caroline Shreeve, wrote a very large book called, ‘The Dictionary of Alternative of Symptoms and Cures’. Dr Caroline Shreeve identified Aura-Soma as a soul therapy, a self-selective, non-intrusive soul therapy. This is something that is still, I believe, an important part of the understanding of Aura-Soma.

How Aura-Soma affects people’s lives is through the self-selection process where they can identify themselves. They have been with themselves from the beginning. It is not like going to a doctor or a consultant who has only been with you for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, this is an opportunity for somebody to take responsibility for themselves in terms of what calls to them the most and, then, to have the support of the energies of the three kingdoms in their journey of awakening, their journey of mindfulness, their journey of awareness. Vicky Wall said that Aura-Soma is meant for those who wish to remember themselves. For me, personally, that statement was one of the things that called to me the most. It was a statement that talked of the possibility of remembering why we are here, what we are for, and the way we are to do what we are to do, not in a mechanical way, but in a way of bringing our awareness as an holistic being relative to our purpose in a conscious way.


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