Creating ‘The Channelled Galaxy Oracle’ by Sharne Young

It is strange and funny how the world turns. If someone had told me five years ago that I would make some special new friends, and those friends and I would write a book together, I would have said “sure, and pigs fly”.  If I was told that I would create some oracle cards using my stories and my late mother’s stories and paint them too, well I would have been convinced that it was all very much a dream or a parallel universe.  And now I am writing my first article for Holistic Bliss magazine. Pinch me.

My mum would be proud and probably just as astonished as I am with it all.  The book, ‘The Ancients – stories to inspire the awakening soul’ was published in 2020 by Animal Dreaming Publishing.  My co-authors Laura Walsh, Jacinta Feeley, Megan Williams, and Tonia Reeves are all so different in personality and experiences, yet we all collectively gathered as a beautiful sisterhood of souls who co-created a rather special book.  For me the experience of writing was extraordinary as I had my chapter written pretty much in a weekend. A lot of it was channelled. It is still available on Booktopia, Amazon, Animal Dreaming Publishing, and through Tonia Reeves, The Australian Cowgirl Medium.

The oracle cards are called ‘The Channelled Galaxy Oracle’ , published also with Animal Dreaming Publishing. The short stories in them are about different things, but all come from beings, including humans, telling us their side of life.  My mum wrote a huge manuscript of channelled stories many years ago. She called them ‘stories from the stars’ and even had a blog for a short time.  Most of them had diabolical endings and some were one-sided conversations, like someone on the other side talking just to her.  How magical to be able to do that.

We could not get anyone to publish them unfortunately. Then when she died, and I was wondering what to do with these wonderful stories that only I seemed to have read, it came to me. Perhaps my mum in spirit whispered in my ear but it was a light bulb moment.  I would create cards from them. I would pull the hidden meanings and lessons from them, shorten them if needed, add my own twist to them and write more to add to the collection.

My stories came from astral travelling, dreams, and channelled information from other beings too.  Some even posed for me afterwards.  The process took me almost four months to complete.  It felt so easy and natural to create them, suddenly I had 44 cards and then temporarily, no more creativity in the tank.

The cards will be out in the next few months and my head is spinning with the idea of feeling them in my hands, shuffling them, knowing my name is on them and then of course the next new experience – selling them. I am excited to try, and I hope people like them as much as I do.

In the meantime, I am taking pre-orders at

Sharne Young

Sharne is a registered nurse, an empath, a Usui Reiki Master, a serenity vibration healing practitioner; an angel intuitive and the co-author of 'The Ancients' and creator of 'The Channelled Galaxy Oracle'.

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