Do You Know Where Your Number One Strength Lies? by Deb Miles

Recently a new competitor moved into the complex where I offer my natural therapies.  This now means our little wellness centre has five competing businesses within 200 metres of each other.   It has been interesting talking to the other therapists, observing reactions and listening to the discussion. 

The most heartening part of all of this has been that not one of us has gotten upset.    Okay maybe not entirely true but mostly we have all taken a rational perspective and realised something vitally important for any small business.

At the end of the day, we are our biggest competitor and to continue growing ourselves we need to be comfortable with our weaknesses, make change where it is needed and leverage our strengths.

In my previous article I discussed using a SWOT analysis to leverage strengths.  And that doesn’t need to be anything formal or too difficult.  In the case of our wellness centre, we as therapists made a few comments, stood up straighter and each of us announced how our collective and individual strengths will help us overcome the threat of a new comer to the complex and how we all see opportunity in this. 

My favourite was from a dear therapist friend who announced “we move from the heart”.  Nothing else needed to be said.  Because this is the foundations of all strength. 

Love really can move mountains.  And if you are a small business working in Holistic Health, I would almost guarantee that you too move from the heart. 

Perhaps along the way you have lost sight of the heart in your business.  Not unusual when you’re exhausted beyond living and feeling like all you are doing is surviving.    But here is my point and my promise to help you form an actionable strategy from your strengths.

One of the primary strengths of a small business in the Holistic Health industry is that you truly care about the people you work with.  You move from the heart. 

Your strength is that you love. 

So here is your actionable strategy to overcome challenges to your growing business.  Turn that love back towards yourself. 

If you do not love yourself, if you do not self-care your business will not thrive.  If you do not love what you are doing, your business will not grow.  Let the love for yourself be the guiding beacon for your business. 

Okay so this might be the more feminine approach but it holds so much truth.  As we welcome our newest neighbour into our complex, we are embracing the love and already we are seeing results. 

And yes, there is some practical steps that our wellness centre is taking but each decision comes directly from the heart.   Because that is always been the foundations of the business.  The owner of the business is leveraging her strengths well. 

If you want to learn more about my offerings in natural therapies or marketing, please feel free to reach out.  I love supporting small business to witness their own heart and putting that passion into practical strategies, so they succeed. 

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Deb Miles

Deb Miles is a natural therapist and the pioneer of Mindful Marketing who supports heart-based businesses to combine their love and passion for what they do with the logical, analytical and practical components that come with successfully marketing a business that experiences growth and longevity.

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