Finding Answers in the Astral by Talia Stephens

The deepest awareness comes through the simplest questions. Our minds, however, love to complicate almost every aspect of life. Simplifying your questions can take some practice. Once mastered, the answers can be instant.

As someone who flew under the radar in my younger years, crippled with introversion, I knew I was different from my friends and family. Though the ample time I spent alone, allowed me the opportunity to explore not only my expansive list of questions but also the dimensions, the cosmos and the astral realms.

Nightly escapades flying around the neighbourhood was my norm. Playing with the cat down the road I was painfully allergic to during the day, entering the cubby house I was banned from and visiting the owls in the towering trees on the hill were my favourite things to do. Of course, I didn’t know what astral travel was back then, only that it felt like playtime and adventure.

You know when you finally realise you’re the weird kid? Every fibre of your being wants to fit in and be accepted. Luckily my shyness held my tongue and no one else knew. But I did. I let my flying rebellion subside like a whisper in the night and trudged on with familial and societal compliance.

A brief window to the astral opened up again at the age of nineteen after retiring early one night. I left my friends to their card games and banter. As soon as my head hit the pillow in the pitch-black room, I found myself floating through the walls back to the table where my friends were. I saw everything, heard their words as clear as day, felt the heat of the lamp and tasted the cigarette smoke. A primal fear rose within me and I shot straight back to my body. I flung that astral door shut so hard.

Finally, after life had pushed and pulled me in every which way, I immersed myself back into the astral. The suitcase of questions I carried became far too bulbous to ignore. It was time to seek the answers. How can I best understand parallel lives? What are parallel lives? What am I connected to? What do I need to know? Each of these questions had a slightly different frequency and gave completely separate experiences. I finally settled on one – what is my potential?

As the fabric of reality dissipated, I stood at the edge of a cliff as the sun hid below the horizon. Deep magenta, burnt orange and azure blue hues painted the scene. Countless golden spheres filled the infinite sky. Suspended, equally spaced. I was pulled towards the closest sphere. Inside, it showed a movie of my life – everything as it was. The images would only move when I ran my fingers along the sphere. It revealed my timeline – birth, childhood, adulthood and death.

Some may have paused at their death scene. It had never been a cause for concern for me. Just one of the many benefits of going astral.

Do the other spheres belong to other people? I asked into oblivion, not really expecting a response. A silent knowingness voiced within me.

No, they are all yours.

Do you mean they are my parallel lives?

In a sense, but more so, they are your potentials for this life.

A squeal of excitement propelled me five spheres up. I ran my fingers inside the new sphere. It was slightly different but nothing notable. I flew up even higher and the differences were expediential. Not only was my future different, but my past was too – showing people and things I hadn’t experienced.

Why is my past different here?

Each sphere has a different past, present and a future. Each is a life in its entirety.

We often shift between spheres with little effort when we are in harmony with life. A simple decision, a realisation, a healing, deep love and gratitude can also shift us. However, sudden shock and trauma can launch us completely left field into a distant, seemingly disconnected sphere.

Can I combine skills from this sphere with the people and experiences from that sphere?

That potential already exists.

What is the point then, if everything already exists?

The journey is not written. All spheres only exist as potentials. They are not yet experienced until you choose them. Did you see several spheres fall away when you jumped? As you decide, you choose your path and some potentials become obsolete.

The feeling of hours passed in ten minutes. There I stood, in awe of the majesty of life with a deeper understanding and connectedness. Accepting the sphere that I had chosen higher over the horizon, knowing I can always choose another. Connected through my potentials within my universe.

All accessed through a simple question.

To find out more about Talia’s next course, please visit:

Talia Stephens

Talia is a teacher of cosmic wisdom, connecting her clients with deeper levels of consciousness to bring awareness and alignment with their divine truth and healing.

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