How To Access The Galactic Akashic Records by Talia Stephens

If you want to remote view the Akashic Records, another dimension or galaxy for that matter – go ahead. There’s nothing really stopping you. It can be as simple as having a strong intention, a frequency shift, then magically appearing at the pearly gates of higher consciousness.

A natural astral explorer might be drawn to a particular constellation to search their records, or visit the centre of the galaxy. But this can prove to be time consuming and much like searching for a needle in a cosmic haystack, not to mention the sumptuous distractions of pretty lights and brain candy along the way.

For those minds who require a little more instruction to justify the journey, here is one of the many access points I have found effective while exploring the Galactic Akashic Records. And here is the best part, you can access the records from the comfort of your own chakra system.

The Galactic Chakra or Stellar Gateway may be difficult to conceptualise, unlike the colours of the traditional spinning wheels of the body, as it is an interdimensional access point. How I see it is like an electric glowing spinning sphere of silver-white light sparking pink and blue flares as it rotates. You can imagine it anyway you wish but it is important to at least witness your awareness moving up past your physicality into space with this access point.

You already know how to relax into a meditative state, so let’s begin by setting a strong intention that you wish to visit your personal galactic akashic records.

Step 1: The best way to access an interdimensional chakra is to acknowledge where your consciousness currently resides. Send your awareness into the Earth-Star beneath your feet or into the centre of the Earth Mother which is part of all that is. It may feel like a pitch-black cave or being cocooned by rich soil. See a deep green merkabah or star tetrahedron start to form around you. You might catch a scent of a dense forest floor as the green light slowly spins. This will ground your energy into the present.

Step 2: Move your awareness into your heart or higher heart space. If you want to amplify the energy, imagine expanding a pink merkabah out from the heart centre to the edge of your auric field. Most people see the star tetrahedron spin extremely fast.

Step 3: Next, move into the pineal gland. You may see a glowing golden sphere expand out to the edge of the soul star chakra approximately 13cm – 15cm above the head. It will feel amazing but no need to stay there for too long.

Step 4: A simple shift to the Soul Star feels like you are cradled by feathers with a warm breeze caressing your skin. Wait here until you feel the momentum of the Earth and heart merkabah reach critical speed.

Step 5: Feel the energy build-up from the star tetrahedrons shoot through your chakra system and thrust you up towards the Stellar Gateway. It may seem shaky at first, like you have just left a launch pad in a rocket. Notice the stars and planets that you pass. Notice if there is a density shift. Some people hear a whooshing or a zipping sound. Allow it to take however long it needs while keeping your strong intention.

Step 6: When you finally reach the level of the Stellar Gateway, see the chakra in front of you. Feel it magnetise you into its centre. Release any expectations of how it is supposed to look or feel from this point on and allow the experience to unfold. You may wish to ask to see your most influential star life, your star origins, your star family or the intentions you had for coming to Earth. You can view and connect with other starseeds from this access point.

Step 7: Be sure to view your experiences without judgement of yourself or the themes that arise. Reground and cleanse once you have finished and work on any beliefs systems or lessons that require completion.

The Galactic Akash is just an idea until you boldly step forward into childlike inquisitive wonder and experience it for yourself. Your experiences will be as unique as you are and equally valid to anyone else who chooses to explore.

If you are interested in reading about my experiences, please see my other articles. I’d love to hear how you go with this process too.

Happy exploring!

To download the mediation please visit:

Talia Stephens

Ascension and Spiritual Wellness Guide

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Talia Stephens

Talia is a teacher of cosmic wisdom, connecting her clients with deeper levels of consciousness to bring awareness and alignment with their divine truth and healing.

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