Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Supporting the Body’s Natural Detox Process By Marion Grimshaw

In essence, lymphatic drainage is a gentle “detox” treatment that really does help your body get rid of toxins, it also supports your immune system, energetic system and prevents and combats injuries as well as sluggishness among a lot of other things.

A healthy lymph can make you look better, too, helping improve congested, puffy, or inflamed skin, bloating, and cellulite. High time to brush up on how we can make the most of our body’s crucial watering and waste drainage system.

The lymphatic system is part of our immune system and helps to protect us from disease and injury. Sometimes described as a detox plant or centre for disease control, it is a vast network of channels, ducts, and nodes whose job is to bathe cells in liquid that help deliver nutrients and oxygen from the bloodstream.

The lymph is also in charge of transporting pollutants, metabolic waste, and toxins away from the cells and to the liver and kidneys, the body’s toxin-processing stations. The lymph and circulatory systems work together, but one major difference between them is that the body has a pump (your heart) that moves it around the body, while the lymph fluid doesn’t. It relies entirely on movement, muscle contractions, gravity, and the breath to keep flowing.  Think of it as a stream. If we are dehydrated, the stream dries up, leaving a slow-running sludge.

Lymphatic massage aims to increase the efficiency of your lymphatic and circulatory system by reducing the volume of retained fluid and the pressure associated, it can reduce the risk of impeded circulation. This volume reduction increases your circulatory system’s capacity to rapidly remove retained fluids and toxic waste build-ups. Sometimes, we have found that a patient feels quite “energised” post-drainage.

Regular lymphatic drainage massages can help when:

  • You’ve been ill or are recovering from surgery or injury
  • You have cellulite or fluid retention
  • You’ve been exercising too hard
  • Menopause
  • You suffer from acne or puffiness on the face or rosacea
  • Weight loss

To name just a few.

Some great advice would also to be “keep on moving” if you can and as much as you can. 

Anything done on a daily basis that elevates your heart rate or directs your lymph fluid towards its nodes and the heart, where it will go back inside the bloodstream before getting filtered and urinated out, is good for your lymph. Think jumping up and down, bouncing while standing, stretching, slow, deep breathing and or doing inversions – lying on your back with your legs up against a wall is just as good as a handstand.

Debbie Webber

Debbie Webber is the pioneer of award winning wellness centre, Zen Chi Therapies and each month one of her team members will write about the modality they specialise in at Zen Chi.


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