How To Start Your Day Well by Liz Isenring

Do you eat food to feel better or alleviate stress?

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast may help you avoid emotional eating, combat cravings, & find effective methods to curb your binge eating.

A healthy and yummy breakfast consists of lean protein, complex, whole grain carbs, plenty of fibre, & a small amount of healthy fat.

A full night’s sleep does wonders for your body & energy levels, setting the base from which you start your day, especially if you begin your day with a well-balanced breakfast. Eggs, avocado & greens with wholegrain toast or rolled oats with fruit & Greek yogurt & nuts are great ways to start the day.

Healthy Snacks To Eat? I often get asked, what are some good snack options? So, you know a simple piece of fruit, or some veggie sticks are great sources of fibre. And vitamins and minerals.

Practicing mindful eating may also help you avoid emotional eating, combat cravings, & find effective methods to curb your binge eating.

A simple invitation to be present when preparing or eating is all that mindful eating is about. This method aims to spend less time thinking about your weight & the stories that surround your weight. It allows us to enjoy our meal without being distracted by feelings of guilt, worry, or inner criticism. People who practice mindful eating learn to achieve the weight that is most comfortable for them naturally.

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We are happy to support you! We walk by your side on your health and wellbeing journey.

Liz Isenring

Dr Liz is passionate about improving lives via evidence-based nutrition and wellness consulting. She's a Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, author and speaker.

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