Animals live according to the seasons.  Take our chickens, for example.  They go to bed around sunset.  That means that at this time of year (winter), they start to head for bed around 5pm.  Yet in the middle of summer, they can still be happily running around the yard at 6.30pm.  As we humans have electricity, often we don’t tend to adapt our schedules to change from summer to winter.  I know that I certainly used to be like that and put pressure on myself to maintain the same ‘go-go’ pace all year round.  Yet that is not what our body requires.  Since I have started to listen to my body more and adapt my lifestyle to the seasons, I find that life is simpler and I am healthier.  At this time of the year, I am happy to go out and feed earlier.  Then I can come back into my warm house and relax by the fire.  I don’t enjoy feeding in the dark. So this certainly gives me incentive to get out and get all the outside chores done before the daylight goes.  Some days I choose not to listen to my body’s wisdom and I try to cram that bit more into my day.  However, I have found from past experience that this is not a wise course of action.  I can get away with it from time to time, but not as a consistent way of life. 

Much like the earth takes some time to go within, the colder months are a perfect time for us to go within and reflect.  The last couple of months, I have been looking at some of the foundations of my life and seeing what needs to change and what needs to be re-built.  I have had lots of ideas bubbling up recently and I am being relaxed about seeing where they lead.  If I want things to change and be different in the future, I need to start choosing some different things in the present.  Lately I find that I have been reading a lot of non-fiction books (a benefit of all that extra time spent inside).  I feel like I am supplying myself with knowledge and information that I will be able to use when we get to spring and things start to ‘bud’ again.

One of the things that the animals have taught me is about timing.  When I’m working with an animal, if I don’t get the timing ‘right’, I can get a result that is not what I am seeking.  For example, if I’m trying to get the chickens to bed and I push too much and become too impatient, then I need to spend more time getting them in their house.  Yet the good news is, all is not lost, I get to practise my timing over and over until I get it ‘right’ and I get them into bed.  Some of my ideas that haven’t worked out yet are not necessarily ‘bad’ ideas.  Some of them are possibly not for me.  For some of them, their time is not yet.  Luckily I have the winter months to plan and dream so I can practice my timing on my new ideas and projects come spring and summer.  What are you planning and dreaming about this winter?

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Davina is the pioneer of Pet Energy Therapy and she uses her communication skills and an holistic approach to help restore balance for all your family- including the animal family members.

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