The Woman Behind the Magical Publishing Story! By Julia Van Der Sluys

Hiiiii it’s me (enthusiastically waving)!

I am Julia, the person behind White Light Publishing, the intuitive self-publishing company.

Let’s get to know each other!

I have a semi animal farm, in my regular backyard that includes my two pooches (who let’s face it, are bed dogs), a rescue chicken and duck plus a brought chicken.

All our animals have other animal names except the ‘rescues’ – Bush the chook as she was rescued from in the middle of nowhere in the bush and came home in a bush chook carton (Emu Export carton) as it was the only box she would fit in. And ‘Truck’ the duck, well because it rhymes with a swear word and that is what my partner thought when he saw a duck sleeping on the road and knew she would be coming home to join the menagerie.

What I find even funnier is it is me that wants all the ‘rescues’ but it is my partner who finds them.

Another thing I’d like to share is I loooooove chocolate. Like seriously, if eating chocolate was a sport, I would get gold every time.

I also loooooove reading. Like seriously, if reading was part of the Olympics, you guessed it, I’d be a winner. My greatest, every day reads are: Chick Lit, Romances, Rockstars, Fantasy that also has the romance part, and everything in between. It’s my wind down time, my time out time and life just wouldn’t be as fine without a read every single day.

I am a huge mental health advocate. Especially with showing how to intertwine the spiritual holistic aspects into your daily life to thrive rather than survive. I have been through a huge panic disorder that lasted most of my life and resulted in having a disordered eating history (only ate runny instant mashed potatoes for most of my life) and what got me through the other side eventually was going the alternative holistic path and some super deep inner work.

I was an author with White Light before becoming the owner. Which I love, as it has given me the unique perspective of being an author and that side of things as well as the publishing side of things and what that entails. I still remember when I was going through the process with my two books (eeeek I still get a thrill saying that) and how much I loved it and what White Light were doing. I would offer my assistance to them all the time and remembered thinking, I would love to do publishing. Cue a few years later and I am DOING it!

Never forget that what the heart truly desires, and what is meant for you, may take a little while to come to fruition, but it will come in truly amazing ways!

That’s a little bit about me, cannot wait to bring you more!

Do you dream of writing your book or publishing your own oracle deck? Reach out to Julia at:

Julia Van Der Sluys

Julia is the inspiring woman behind, intuitive self-publishing company, White Light Publishing. Let Julia and her team assist you with making your book writing and card deck dream a reality.

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