Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart by Vanessa Finnigan

Inna Segal is a true alchemist, she has transformed her own experiences of trauma into awakening, which in turn has inspired people around the world to heal their lives for two decades.

It’s not a path for the faint hearted, that’s for sure and Inna is no stranger to pain; as an adolescent she experienced debilitating back pain which affected her ability to walk, she also had a severe skin disorder and chronic anxiety which left her feeling powerless, not to mention at just 20 years of age, the harrowing experience of a having a still birth.  

For a while she searched far and wide for the answers to heal, consulting with specialists and alternative therapists, which gave her some relief, but these approaches didn’t offer a lasting solution to her problems. It wasn’t until she listened to the inner calling of her soul, that she found the immense wisdom and light within, that created a new way forward for herself to live fully and flourish.

Transformational healing methods were revealed to her, including the use of colour, affirming thoughts and visualisation. And her intuitive gifts ‘came online’ where she discovered she had the ability to ‘see’ into the organs of her own body and other’s bodies. So understandably, she was eager to share these insights to assist others, and created her first book, ‘The Secret Language of Your Body’ and this well-known, best-seller is now in its 16th year. 

An explosion of offerings unfolded, including one on one sessions, group events, oracle and healing card decks, journals and healing programs, incorporating her empowering tools to assist people to tune into their bodies and use these tools to heal and expand. The energy of the body has a language and Inna discovered ways to read and work with it to assist with healing. She created the Awaken the Healer Within programs and her methods help people to heal and teach the body to heal at a cellular level. One of Inna’s well-known quotes is, “The body doesn’t lie.”

Many doctors, healers, celebrities, and allied health professionals trained with her and found that the tools she had pioneered created unique healing opportunities where previously there had been blocks or no way forward. Inna went on to speak at events around the world, she was interviewed on radio and TV and shared her insights through a multitude of media outlets.

While her work spread like wildflowers, she stepped into a new way of being and expanded life, which also came with new awareness and responsibilities.  And while new doors opened, she also had some unwanted experiences and painful emotions to traverse. 

In fact, the last 10 years have taken her on a journey which has led to deepening her heart wisdom in relationships. The complexities of running a successful international business, raising two children (who are now adults) and going through two divorces, offered her the unique opportunity to evolve and with respect to her romantic relationships, some deep karmic patterns were released.

The combination of having her heart wide open, and her giving, empathic nature, led her down a path that contributed to her shutting down her awareness and losing herself in one of her relationships. She shared that the fantasy of the ‘perfect man and relationship’ catapulted her into a deep healing process, unlocking old karmic wounds, where she had to reclaim herself and heal her broken heart.

She experientially learnt about personalities and archetypes in a whole new way and had to learn about being discerning. And as she shared her painful experiences, she showed immense courage and vulnerability- which was truly inspiring. A lot of people may have chosen not to share their experiences or stay stuck in victim-hood, but Inna has taken the higher road and over time, transmuted the experience by taking personal responsibility for her own reactions to what occurred.

Finding a way to make peace with what happened was also realising not everyone you meet desires to heal, and you can’t ‘save’ everyone. She has learnt to fully trust her inner guidance when she hears those early warning signs. Inna shared, “value your own heart and don’t give it away easily. And ask yourself regularly, where is my heart at? And what can I do to fill my own heart up? Is this relationship bringing out the best in me?”

In true Inna Segal style, her journey through the pain and out the other side, resulted in transformation and several creative expressions being birthed. In the last few months, Inna released her new book, ‘Understanding Modern Spirituality’ which asks some of the big questions about life, death and spirituality and dispels many New Age myths. It also shares her new insights, scientific ideas, and heart wisdom. And her beautiful oracle deck, ‘Healing Heart Oracle’ is a raw and real offering to the world, which was inspired by the letters she wrote to her soul, to call her true self back. She says these cards, “assist with seeing, acknowledging, and healing the various layers of your heart. From the hurt heart to the worthy heart, to the fearful unseen and betrayed heart, to self-love!”

Inna has been a devoted transformational leader and coach for most of her adult life and yet there is a feeling that she is really powering up in a whole new way; like she has only just begun with what she can share and how she can assist humanity. Her approach is not a quick fix, and she says that true, profound healing takes time and there are layers to explore.

She is dedicated to sharing her work widely through her online master classes, online training and in person events and says in these times of big change there is an opportunity to work with the shadow aspects of our psyches and be truthful with ourselves.

And she says for the festive season and 2024- creating a loving, supportive community and making an effort to meet new people and connect is a priority for herself and the creation of our New Earth.

It’s wonderful to have Inna grace our HB cover again after 11 years (please see ‘previous issues’ on this site to read her previous cover story).  

You can be part of Inna’s next live events and online Masterclasses by booking at:

20th to 29th of October: Awaken The Healer Within Level 1 (On line)

18th and 19th of November: Your Intuitive Path to Wellness (Gold Coast)

Please also email Inna’s team to discover more offerings, including her online TV show and coaching.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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  • Congratulations Ina. I remember when your first book came out, it’s still in my library. Really delighted to see your growth.

  • Congratulations Ina. I remember when your first book came out, it’s still in my library. Really delighted to see how far you have come.


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