Movements of the Soul through our Ancestry by Rebecca-Lee

I remember when I first discovered Family Constellations in around 2009. I saw a small ad in a magazine offering training in becoming a family constellation facilitator. I felt I recognised the picture of the trainer even though I had never met her before, though I “knew” her. I remember thinking that it must be some kind of astrology work or something that looks at our soul contracts in the stars, whatever it was I just knew I had to do it. Now any normal person would probably do a fair amount of research into what they are signing up for first, or look into the trainer and get some background information and feedback on who they are, what they do and how they work. However, I did not do this.

In fact, I did not even look up what family constellations was before turning up to my first weekend of what would be a yearlong training. I look back on that now and I actually laugh. Some may think this is completely reckless, and to some point I agree! However, at the time I had not long given myself permission to swing open my psychic/intuitive door and I just trusted it was the right step for me to take. I had just quit my career of working in Govt which was a huge step, and I knew, whatever it was I was about to do, it was going to help me in breaking family karmic patterns, as I knew deep in my soul, since I was a young girl that this was a huge part of my purpose being here.

So, I may not have investigated the process of the modality I was about to embark on, and as it turned out, it was not about reading astrology charts or something of the like. What I encountered was so much more, and to me so much more powerful than what I could have ever imagined. My intuition also served me right and family constellations has become the foundation of how I would evolve and how my work and purpose would evolve over the next decade.

My journey with family constellations over the last ten+ years has seen me not only work with my own family dynamics (more on that later), but has enabled me travel over the world to study with different teachers and other facilitators from all sorts of cultures. Along the way, my work with my own family, my clients, my own deceased ancestors, and my teachers in spirit, have enabled me to find my own way with working this amazing modality and combine it with my mediumship and shamanic training to become to my own flavour of constellations that seems to work well with myself, my clients and their Ancestors. Hence Healing with the Ancestors was born.

Who wants to do Ancestral Healing?

I think the best place to start is by explaining who might want to do ancestral healing. Most people I encounter have a deep desire to not be like their family or repeat the patterns and behaviours in their family unit. Many of them have been growing and changing for years, and doing things differently (or attempting to), yet even so this can be a lonely path, with much pain and suffering. Experiencing judgements, projections and isolation from the family may happen as a result of wanting more or wanting to be different, or was already happening in my clients life. Often even though they want to break away from the family or do things differently there is still the loneliness and confusion that comes around, “where do I belong?” And “Who are my family?” This can be the most difficult part of this journey.

My clients are often very much aware that they have come here this lifetime to transcend family patterns and often feel they are here to heal them and end them.  This can be a very enduring process and often the support from someone familiar with this journey (like myself) who has a process of not only assisting identifying what the family dynamics and patterns are, but how you can move out of them is helpful.

Some people have not experienced so much pain or trauma from the family but have a deep desire to heal the past in the ancestry or to find out more. Some people find they have a “connection” to a certain ancestor they have not met and for some reason they need to find out more. Often we discover that this person’s story was hidden from the rest of the family or they were ejected from the family, and it has been important that their story be told and that they be remembered and have their place back in the family. For whatever reason, my clients had a calling to heal that piece in their family.  Every person must have their place in the family system. Often victims and perpetrators are excluded or forgotten in family systems. This can cause a great deal of disharmony or imbalance down the track for later generations until the original issue is healed. This can manifest in many ways in the current time such as through relationship issues, migration issues, abundance issues and so much more.

Some people do not know why they are drawn to ancestry work. As mentioned above perhaps they have issues in their own lives, that no matter what type of coaching, healing or therapy they receive, just seems to persist. Others just “know” that they need to delve into ancestry work and are open to the unknown and see what they find.

It is different for everybody but most people who find their way to me for ancestry healing just “know” that this is the journey they need to take now.

So what is Family Constellations?

The purpose is to tap into the current “picture” of the family system to see what is happening between the souls. The experience can bring new insight into what might be happening and help people gain a new perspective by looking outside of themselves and even observing themselves and their “entanglements” in the system. Ideally the journey will lead to a deep understanding and healing that results in the discontinuing of a negative repeating pattern and hopefully a deeper peace, understanding and acceptance of the family and one’s place in it.  It is an experiential process, and one that we cannot know from one person to the next what is going to happen. There must be a willingness from the participant to be open minded and hearted and mostly to be able to walk into the unknown and release any expectations of the outcome.

It is a process that puts an image to the issue that has been seen or felt in the soul. Through this process, emotions of the client and those in the family can be acknowledged and released and a healthy order and perspective can be found between the family members on a deep soul level.

When attending one of my Healing with the Ancestors workshops expect to find a group of souls’ who were destined to come together to create a sacred space to do this profound work.

I will be offering an on-line program for Healing with your Ancestors for the first time this year. Applications will open soon. I will also be hosting an in-person workshop on 22nd and 23rd May  on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia (Noosa-Hinterland). Bookings will open shortly.

If you would like to work with me personally in Healing with the Ancestors you can contact me at and we will arrange your sessions.


Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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