Predictions don’t just happen By Joanne’s Spirit

Before I start, I have had the gift of premonition and more since childhood. I believe in psychics and intuitive gifts etc. If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t believe in myself either.

Have you ever been to a psychic, and they said this great thing will happen in your life?  You cannot sit there and think it’s going to be a magical happening, as you need to take your own action too and turn the cogs to make it happen. If magic was that easy, I wouldn’t have struggled through life as much as I did.

The magic of life is YOU, and what you put in. You are the main ingredient to the recipe of your life.

My biggest downfall for many years was self-doubt and others telling me I wasn’t capable. I was even told by health professionals, my oldest child would never talk nor fit into society, when I said yes, he will, I was told I was in denial. My son finished mainstream high school, he has worked for years, lives independently and he and his partner are expecting their first child.  His life turned around because I went against what was said to me and gave it my all. I changed that predicted outcome.

We don’t all fit into the same boxes as what’s written in textbooks. There are many circumstances in life outside of the box, therefore you sometimes need to challenge the sturdiness of the box. If you receive a negative predication in life, prevent the worst-case scenario from happening. It is challenging, stressful, tearful, and scary, but it’s better than letting it unfold without trying. Have a plan B, C and D up your sleeve too, as it strengthens your faith in yourself. Find ways around all obstacles.

Good predictions in life also need a little work to get to. You aren’t going to win lotto if you don’t buy a ticket. Put yourself out there, challenge the odds, have faith in you, take the baby steps, perhaps a leap of faith. If you know where you are heading, go in that direction.

I chose not to offer paid readings as during a healing session I use all my gifts. Yes, I see what’s coming up for my clients, I also get their blockages so give them the tools to heal and overcome obstacles. We are our own obstacle, we can change the outcome!

Joannes Spirit

Joanne's Spirit is a nature inspired soul reader and healer that will help initiate your journey of self-discovery.

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