Realigning Again by Reena Terreping

Here in Queensland & NSW, we have recently had heavy floods. People lost their lives, and a lot of people lost their homes. I haven’t talked about it a lot to not add to the drama.

It’s nature’s way to say to people ‘stop working against each other’, ‘stop the bias’, ‘stop the separation’. Chaos often creates chaos to remind us of what’s important.

On the weekend, our Bars practitioners team headed to NSW to support flood affected people.

Without knowing what to expect, people showed up and received, and we spent the whole 6 hours busy in service. What change could that create for them?

One of those attending our session was a lifelong country man about 74 years old. He had clean clothes with some permanent spots all over, light grey suit pants and black socks with a big hole in them.

He asked no questions about the session, got on the table, closed his eyes and was ready to receive, knowing nothing about Access Bars.

After the session he took his time to get off the table, breathing in a few times and then said…’I am aligned again.’ I knew he had received, and I could feel my heart melting in the joy of that.

He was willing to receive, and he truly received, and it was the most beautiful thing.

This man’s eyes were crystal clear. He told us he had lived in the area for all his life, and was in his 3rd marriage with a woman who he had a 12-year-old daughter with. He has seen many floods, but not like this one. The water had risen 3.6m more than in previous years. He had just bought his 3rd house. He had carried the furniture out of the building and had been quite sore all over for weeks. His wife came by and helped him to get his boots on and off he went, having great gratitude in his eyes.

I met so many people while helping in this way with my team and the flood victims that are connected to themselves, that know that all comes from within, and they know how to take care of it.

Some people have never experienced the kindness of strangers, or much kindness in any form.

This time it was us, we were honoured to be those kind strangers. Affecting lives in a positive way, hearing and seeing ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and creating a space for them to breathe for a moment and get their bearings.

What is possible to create for you and for others with the kindnesses you truly are?

The Access Bars: Mind and body relaxation method involves 32 points in your head that are connected to the different emotions, and when being touched, release fixed points of view to get relaxed head space where thoughts with different qualities can arise. Consequently, it gives you an opportunity to create your life from a totally different space. 

Photo: The Guardian Tree looked after us

Reena Terreping

Reena Terreping is an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, and offers frequency sessions using the Healy device. She loves making healthy cakes and treats, and creates recipes and provides cooking classes. Reena loves to write about: food, eating, emotional problems, body conditions and life generally.

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