Rock Bottom to Rocking it! by Joanne’s Spirit

Have you ever hit the bottom of life so hard and felt you had nothing, because you’d lost nearly everything? I have!

When you are struck down by life, it’s an indescribable world of pain, you feel there is no way out, every thought has a one way sign on it, the walls are tumbling in, then you walk along and slip over, your coffee mug handle snaps off, more and more goes wrong. The tears start, and you don’t feel you can tell anyone, even though you need to. You, in your own mind feel officially helpless!

You may have lost everything you had but it’s time to look deeper and harder at what you still have. Even if it’s just your physical self left; look at your arms they can do things, every part of you has a purpose, just like everything that happens in life has its purpose.

We are never not where we are supposed to be in life, some may argue that, but I don’t anymore. Yes, everything has its purpose and believe me, no matter how bad it is, some good will come of it, (sometimes it takes a long time to see that).

There you are, low down in what appears to be a bottomless pit of doom, keep that thought going if you want to go lower. Should you want to make your way out, get resourceful and develop faith. You didn’t intentionally fall in there, the universe dropped you in, to redirect you. So which direction were you heading? Is there an alternate route you should take? Time to think outside the square, you have it in you, we all do and always trust that the universe has your back.

Once you trust in the universe, start thinking positively that you can start slowly manifesting the life you want. Even if you slip down the hole a little further, there will be nature signs, opportunities present, things you need offered to you without asking. The forward motion will continue to propel, don’t look down, keep looking up and making that climb. Continue to meet the universal forces half way, no slacking off, and in time you’ll be further than you were in previous good times. If you aren’t required on a different path again, you will be at the top of your current life and rocking it !

Joanne Newberry (Joanne’s Spirit)

Joannes Spirit

Joanne's Spirit is a nature inspired soul reader and healer that will help initiate your journey of self-discovery.

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