The Cosmic Rose embodies the essence of the sacred rose, the love of the cosmic heart, the vibration of the stars and the energy of Mother Mary’s blue rose into one vibrant symbol. There are seven Cosmic Roses – they are now here to dance with us individually or collectively – it is a matter of personal choice. And when they come together – they gift us the Cosmic Rose Codes.  These codes are the source of wonder and delight as they gift us transformative rose energies.

What if we linked with the Cosmic Rose to create our essential selves as conduits of her purest light? What if we reset our bodies by lighting up our homes and our bodies in the richest link with heaven available in one activation?  What if we reassured our beautiful bodies that there is no need for more suffering? What if this was the next step on our path to ascension?

The Cosmic Rose is the symbol of a newly found portal – the portal opening from our homes and connected to the most sacred part of heaven – its epicentre.  This is a different path between earth and heaven.  It is unique as it supports change of the DNA within homes as well as within ourselves.  It is a light conductor of direct heavenly energies to aid in our ascension.

Once we travel through the portal we are able to bring in the Cosmic Rose Codes.

The Cosmic Rose Codes empower us to bring ourselves and our homes into an expansive vibration that heals everything in its path.  By undertaking the journey of the Cosmic Rose we remove past emotions and energetic residue to forge a new path of magic and miracles.

Opening this portal has the effect of changing the energy within our homes to bring in our highest good.  Your home becomes cosmic and so do you. 

Will you journey with me to change the DNA of your home? Will you heal her shadow? Will you increase her vibrationary levels?  Will you take a chance to find out what needs to be fully illuminated as we step into a new world?  Will you attune to the Cosmic Rose Codes with me?  Will you take this journey?

I look forward to travelling with you.  Please contact Dr. Cris Henderson to say ‘yes’ to the Cosmic Rose.

Dr. Cris Henderson – Rose Alchemist

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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