Spirit Connections – Reflecting On My Recent Shows And Readings by Tonia Reeves

I really love to share the stories that make up the fabric of what I do. Not only does it recreate the moment a bit more so I get to savour it, it also allows me to take time to revisit that experience and appreciate it on a different level. 

As I’ve shared before I never cease to be amazed at how spirit guides me through my love of what I do. The trust I have in what they share has enabled me to step into many big, and quite scary opportunities without the stress of thinking CAN I DO THAT? I just know they will support me. And by spirit I mean, not only my friends and family in the spirit world. but my guides as well.

Just this week I was given the opportunity to step into my dear friend Scott Alexander Kings scheduled talk and readings for the ‘City Of Light Spiritualist Church‘ that is based in the infamous Lillydale NY. Poor Scott and family were experiencing massive floods so the Sunday night before I said yes, I’ll do that. 

For Scott and Trudy of course I’m there, that’s what friends are for but what an honour to be in the company of one of the most magical spiritual churches. So I said yes and got to not only share my journey but make a few connections. This wonderful congregation is headed by Joanne Copley-Nigro, an incredible animal reveller who shares messages from the animal kingdom to help you with inspiration and healing. 

This was a first for me to join a spiritualist church for a service and it was certainly peaceful and enlightening. I’m looking forward to joining their monthly catchups. I was humbled Scott asked me and I felt so welcomed by the gathering – it was a wonderful experience. 

A few years back I would have been a bit worried and feel I needed to fill big shoes, but now I really appreciate and embrace every opportunity, with the main focus on excitement and trust. 

One of best things about this trust I now have, is how it allows me to truly step in to trust myself and my innate skills I was born with. Letting that sink in really is a connection to my soul and it’s all knowing. There’s peace in that belief. There’s a rawness that maybe wasn’t there just six months ago. Wow just writing this has opened my eyes to that realisation!

And also that trust is a two way street. We can trust others impeccably but maybe it’s the trust in ourselves that is where the peace and acceptance is. One for you to ponder if you have read this far.


Tonia Reeves

Australia’s Cowgirl Medium

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Tonia Reeves

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Psychic Medium Cowgirl, based in Victoria and reaching people overseas through her consults and her segments on a number of radio shows in Australia and overseas.

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