The Constant Gardener by Dr Cris Henderson

When I was very young – about four years old – I believed in magic. I saw a fairy in the back garden and told an adult. The adult was so angry that he almost exploded with rage. I learnt to be quiet and not to upset people. I shut down my inner sight.

When I was in my forties I had a vision of Mother Mary – more than a vision – she came to the hospital where I was awaiting a major operation. I did not recognise her until the nun in charge explained it to me. She came in person looking ordinary and told me of things that would happen. When they did, I started to see the magic in the world again.

Over the following years I tried to maintain magic in a world that seemed oppressive. I needed to control everything even the magic. And then I got sick, really sick and I couldn’t control anything. I saw the choice point clearly when I could stay or go. I chose to stay. Once I made the choice I started to improve.

Later on I became stuck – this time during profound healing until one day, on the 26th July 2021, everything changed. I saw Mary’s Meadow. On this auspicious day I perceived the footprints within her meadow. This beautiful sight – the repetitive footprints – made it easier for people to heal, to expand, to live joyfully. The footprints made the paths that made the road that made it all happen – just follow the footprints.  


Once upon a time there was an Abbey in sixteenth century France where a group of women came together to reclaim their sovereignty. They were Mary’s Daughters, Sisters of the Rose, the Blue Nuns. 

The Abbess was Mother Hilda. She choreographed the history of the nuns as they brought together the elements of a new rose paradigm, one that would change the world in our generation. Through Holistic Bliss, I will gradually tell you some of this story. If you choose, you can take a monthly initiation into the rose world that will change your life forever.  

This is the story of Mother Mary’s Rose Mystery School – a mystery school that lies deep within our spiritual core.  

Mother Mary’s Blue Rose – from Diana

As we open to rebirthing the rose, so we birth our personal rose memories and the high magic that Mother Mary embodies on behalf of us all.

Will you stand unwaveringly with Mother Mary and remember the magic? Please contact me for a Rose Initiation.

Dr. Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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