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I want people to know that anyone can create their own success, their way.” Abbey Rose

I feel the incredible energy of this extraordinary soul as I prepare to talk with her about the ground-breaking and life changing work, she is bringing to people across the globe helping to create the New Earth.

Abbey Rose is creating a world of liberated prosperity and success for all who wish to claim it.

A leader in all things money, wealth and abundance, Abbey is at the top of her field and changing the lives of people looking for freedom from the old beliefs and confines of an outdated system.

With 15 years’ experience in accounting, beginning as a receptionist in a small accounting firm, ending up CFO for a millionaire, and learning all aspects of business building, Abbey decided that her journey had to be more in alignment with her life purpose and she longed to be teaching others what set her into a life of sovereignty, success, and freedom. Life had many ups and downs to this point and was leading Abbey to her purpose and destiny.

Abbey said, “I wasn’t backing myself-I thought someone else had the answers for me, but when I sat in the energy of what wanted to be created, everything changed.”

In 2019, after a turbulent couple of years and healing, Abbey birthed The Spiritual Accountant and then became the founder of Awakened Accountants Association, the most significant Conscious Accounting Body in Australia. 

When it comes to creating profound shifts within the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of finances and running a business, Abbey shares logical processes to follow, while also providing a holistic and heart centred approach to all practices.

Abbey is a business & financial coach, a holistic healer, and a transformational coach & mentor.

She has a higher purpose and vision of creating the New Earth businesses that are doing their purposeful and passionate thing to change the lives of people and the world and assist in the ascension of humanity. Abbey guides impact driven leaders to create, manage and protect their wealth using practical and spiritual concepts. She is also a powerful mentor and guide for them to better understand financial sovereignty and thriving beyond the current system. 

“I’ve got that vison of the world that will be created because of my work. My business impacts the impactors.”

Abbey loves holding space for people in her classes and courses and takes them on a journey of self-realisation and self-actualisation. While she is being the ‘accountant in the background’, Abbey clears a lot of old money blocks and beliefs energetically too, so that people can fully hear and integrate the new processes and ways of being in business.

This beautiful energy coming through Abbey and being delivered to all clients, beams through all her words, images, and teachings, in everything she does and creates. This allows for an inviting space for people to want to learn more, hear more in a new way, and change their lives, starting with the way they feel about and see money.

One of the biggest things Abbey conveys to her clients when they are transitioning into full-time business and into a New Earth business, is to stop worrying about being paid every week and step into soul led service. It’s a powerful mindset and energy shift that she can guide you through.

“How people feel, and transition, is the energy force behind success and change,” Abbey said.

Following the nudges of Spirit while still working within a structure and strategy is common for Abbey and part of her unique brilliance. The fluidity of trusting the guidance that flows through each of us is something that shines through in Abbey’s work, and it’s a more empowering and natural way to be.

Many of us have grown up being told what we should be, how success should look and how we should get there. Abbey went against the grain and created success, her way. She can show you how to create success in your life too, your unique way.

The key, Abbey said, is to be more connected to your own inner wisdom, your own essence, and create from there. Her energy work is an important part of her life, and all that Abbey is. She has trained as a shamanic healer, studied Master Reiki and Munay-Ki, as well as NLP and hypnosis.

Whether it is holding an energy healing, a sound healing event or through her beautiful products – the Abundance Mist and the Priestess of Prosperity Oracle Deck, Abbey is truly in flow with her energy, success, purpose, and life.

Abbey Rose has created a beautiful home, relationships, business, and life in her own way, and very successfully. This is due to not only the work she has put into her passions, but her beliefs about her truth and value.

“I can see how my soul’s value translates into everything I do, and from there, decisions are easy.”

Abbey has become more and more passionate over the years with her message and teachings. Systems of control are collapsing in so many areas and people are looking for new ways to be and succeed. They yearn for and seek less control from others, and more empowerment within themselves.

Peoples’ tax debts are crippling them, and many are shackled in their financial beliefs. Abbey teaches and shows her clients an evidence based new way to flourish.

She says one of her wishes is to open people’s minds, so they begin to question their reality.

Abbey is very passionate about people keeping more of their money and profits, in a way that feels good for them.

Abbey’s online group, ‘Untethered.’, stretches minds into new possibilities for wealth and success. She asks questions that help you step more into the truth of your reality and reminds you that there are other possibilities when it comes to building your business. Gently allowing you to see the underlying control you don’t often see or want to see.

Abbey Rose genuinely cares. She’s not just crunching and punching numbers, she is releasing you from financial constraints and old rules, using energy along with her extensive experience, knowledge and practical skills and showing you the path to sovereignty.

If you are ready to fast track your wealth, Abbey has many online courses you can access immediately including Financial Sovereignty, Wealth Wisdom and Wealth Recalibration.

She also has a powerful High Vibe Manifesting course.

There is also an array of masterclasses that you can enrol in that will show you different ways to create your legacy and transition into a life as an entrepreneur.

The time has come for us all to be questioning our beliefs around wealth building and deciding for ourselves what feels right now as we move into a new way of being.

What if you could impact the world in a bigger and better way, live your purpose and passion, then go for it, in a sovereign energy?

Abbey shared, “becoming responsible for your finances isn’t scary, it’s empowering. There’s such a stigma about ‘financial responsibility’, but there really shouldn’t be. It should come as no surprise that you are expected to be responsible for your own health, happiness, and relationships, so why is financial responsibility something that makes people run for the hills?

“I’m so passionate about teaching people how to step INTO their power now, instead of blindly handing it away.”

“When financial responsibility becomes second nature to you, you are going to wonder how you ever thought it was anything other than empowering.”

You can connect with Abbey here in the group UNTETHERED

Or on her website here at:


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