The Greatest Journey by Dr Cris Hendo

The current manipulation of the energies with the introduction of increasing toxic stories means that we need to counteract and expand our rose stories to work with the subtle energies of transformation. It is worthwhile recreating the story of the rose in her varied formats. This helps us to step into our authentic power.  And believe me when I tell you there is no more time for playing small!

The white rose helps no matter the external circumstances.

Diana’s Rose

The time we are living through has been called the most significant passage in the history of civilization.

We are reshaping our religions, myths and legends, our thoughts and feelings – we are being rewired and many are finding this hard. 

We need to be looking inside for everything now and working from the inside out.  Once we see the reflection in our outer lives we take the outside in – in a wonderful circular flow.

Some friends have been telling me that they feel as if they are in mortal combat with the energy.  It is a natural response and one we have to change if we are to thrive.

The rose can help.  This is her gift – to take us into the world and enhance our experience, enliven it, bring joy instead of being thrust into the melee of experiences that generate only rough change. 

I looked through my rose photos to find which rose would be the one that would enhance our current journey more than any other. 

It was Diana’s white rose.

This beautiful rose sent a message of love and support and gentle change. 

We are in the transit lounge – rose consciousness is near. 

We have been on a quest to create pathways to the Divine. The Rose Initiations ease the passage.



3-  AVALON                     





The energy moves gently through the landscape of power that is revealed as we stand together, the Sisters of the Rose. These initiations are available through my web site.

They bring the energy of the female and male together creating a sense of loving ease.

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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