WARNING! Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to begin rejuvenating your body without side effects.

We apologise in advance that your money flows, relationships & enjoyment of life may also expand in rather surprising and pleasant ways during and after using the Youthful You Energy Flows.

Actually, we don’t “re-juvenate” – that would mean going back into the past, turning back the clock. Instead, we “Youthen” – which is going forward to more youthful vitality and ease.

What if your body could be as youthful and joyful as you are on the inside?

Are you younger than your skin says you are?

What if Youthening is more fun and delicious than anything you can imagine?

Our bodies were designed to self- heal and regenerate and to be a source of pleasure and delight for us over many, many years.

You may know me as “the Happy Mouth Girl” –  for the past 6 years I’ve been the worldwide coordinator and facilitator of Dr Tom Kolso’s  Happy Mouth Generative Energetic Dentistry. 

The other ‘hat’ I wear is as the Youthful You Guru – holding telecalls &  daily Energy Flows meditations to assist people to ‘youthen’, regaining youthful enthusiasm, vitality and energy.

It was after more than 2 years of holding daily facebook live Energy Flows; guided meditations;  of 5 years of facilitating Access 3 Day Body classes and 6 years working with Happy Mouth™, that  I realised that there is even more possible with our bodies that goes way beyond diets, exercise, pills, potions or lotions.

What if we are just at the beginning of a huge range of possibilities with our body’s health, vitality and youth?

The Energy Flows Activations are a very different kind of guided meditation, deeply relaxing and yet energising.

In the Youthful You 21 Days series, you receive an Energy Flows each day to watch or download the audio. (About 15 minutes each day)

Each day, we’ll run activations on different systems in the body (such as Source Points, Retention Points, & Receptor and Responder systems.) We look at the pineal, thyroid and other glands in a very dynamic way.

We’ll address the skin, digestive & reproductive systems in ways you may never have thought of!

Here’s an Energy Flows to try

Day#1 of Youthful You

It’s very much a pragmatic, dynamic series, and you’ll have a library of audios of the Energy Flows to exponentialise the dormant anti-ageing systems in your body, and keep the flow of vitality and health flowing. You can use them any time to relax, sleep better or revitalise at any time of day.

I have a very different way of approaching body rejuvenation or “Youthening” which may just kick-start a tsunami of pleasant possibilities for you.

What if “being good” (with diet, exercise and all that) had nothing to do with having a luscious life and body?

Shauna Teaken

Shauna Teaken has a light hearted yet surprisingly effective approach to joyful living with youthful vitality that goes beyond the expected.

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