Where abundance lands is not always where you think by Linda Simpson

One of the more interesting parts of this new energy that we’re living in, is that we are operating in a different mindset and the trick here is to not get too bogged down in the old.

For me, one of the biggest mindset changes came with the understanding of linear and non-linear abundance.

There are so many places where abundance lives but most of our training only allows us to see abundance in the form of Fiat Currency, in ownership of something and this is very 3D, very linear.

Linear Abundance is a result from an action 

A railway track of beginning and ending.

Energy from a linear mindset will have an expectation of returns for effort.

Non-linear abundance personifies the ripple effect

A consequence from an energy flow. When you carry your energy in a non-linear way, abundance will be magnetised to you.

A Non-Linear Mindset allows you to invest in one area while seeing the possibility of returns in another. All the while holding an abundant heart, open and expansive, allowing the flow to land.

I began my association with Holistic Bliss Magazine at a time when my heart work was shifting focus and after a mere year of sharing articles my associations have enhanced my view, grown me a new audience/client base and thoroughly transformed my abundance and my client focus.

Abundance flows like love.

The energy which attracts abundance is expansive. Inclusive rather than exclusive. Free rather than held.

There are many older style business myths which heart workers fall into and which, in my opinion, don’t fit our life model now.

“Is Your Work an Expensive Hobby?”

When I see or hear this statement being made in the business world, or as a ploy to get you to buy this or that course, I cringe. This is a statement made by someone bedded inside the 3D business model.

What if your hobby brings you HEART abundance?

Holding abundance inside your heart is one of the main attractors for a balanced and abundant life.

And what if your beautiful hobby helps someone?

Many older style businesses see the profit first and maybe the heart 5th or 6th. I can’t deal with life like that, and I managed to prove my point in my last employed position where my Queensland sales team ran top across the country using my loving approach to teaching, sharing and building business.

I helped so many people who in turn helped their teams, and along the way we built hearts up, we lifted self-esteem and we made money.

Why can’t our hobbies REMAIN our hobbies as we show success in that money arena?

Do they HAVE to become ‘businesses’ just because they’re providing a return in the form of money?

Of course, you will need to fulfil any official requirements and I think your goal here would be to hire those who can do the ‘official stuff’ more efficiently than you.

You are then free to keep investing love into your venture, into your product, into growing your heart work in a way that sits well with you.

Sending you blessings for your heart work to be the picture that you have held in your own heart. It’s YOUR journey, YOUR story, be sure to see the love and the fun and the success in this for YOU.

Love Bubbles and Hugs over the airways. Linda.

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector.

Your expert on how to live a life with Love and Joy as Abundant Ingredients.

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Linda Simpson

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector helping tired Spiritual Workers, Coaches and Healers to Realign.

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