Your Throat Chakra: Making Your Dreams Into Reality by Allie Duzett, Medical Intuitive

When it comes to the throat chakra, most people understand that it has a lot to do with speaking truth. When your throat chakra is clogged or imbalanced, it can lead to oversharing, withdrawing, lying, or speaking out of turn… or any number of other sort of misuses of the voice. 

But when it comes to the throat chakra, there is so much more going on than “just” speaking your truth. Speaking your truth is a big deal, of course, and having a well-balanced throat chakra would be worth it just for that. All of us have unique insights and perspectives that the world needs in order to grow and progress. And we each have an inborn need and even responsibility to share our unique voice with others. 

Yet, the throat chakra does even more than support us in speaking our truth. The throat chakra helps us actually make our dreams into reality. 

And before anything can be created physically, it needs to be created spiritually. And one powerful way that we create spiritually is with our words. We speak words into existence, and these words act as a blueprint for the rest of reality to build upon. 

The words we speak aloud create the plan for the Universe to act on. As we speak, we are creating reality around us. Every word is like a scaffold that the Universe will take and build on for us. 

What words are you speaking into existence? How is your personal reality reflected in your words…and vice versa? 

How are you speaking about your goals and dreams? 

The Throat Chakra As A Seat Of Creation

The things we speak are enormously powerful. To me, it’s not just the spoken word, either: the written word and even the thought word counts too. What are you texting, Tweeting, Facebooking about your goals and dreams? About yourself? What are you thinking about yourself? 

All your words, spoken or written, originate in the throat chakra. Are the words you speak and write supportive to your journey, or not? 

When it comes to the life you want to create, are you choosing to speak it into existence every day? 

The reality is that whatever we are experiencing right now, we are allowing to exist in part due to how we are choosing to use our throat chakras. Because the minute we change how we are speaking about a situation, the situation begins to change. 

When we take a thought from our mind and give it form through the throat chakra, we release it into the world with powerful vibrations that affect the world around us. 

In other words: you have a superpower, and that superpower is your VOICE. How is your voice currently shaping your reality? 

Building Up and Dragging Down

Are you choosing to use your voice to build yourself and others up, or drag them down? 

When inconveniences pop up in your life, do you curse and mutter about how stupid things are? When people get in your way or make your life harder, how are you using your superpower? Are you speaking blessings into existence to make the situation easier, or are you using your voice to just compound the situation? 

In every situation, we have a choice as to how we will use our throat chakras. We can use our voices positively or negatively. What we speak, for good or ill, creates a blueprint for the future. 

Strengthening Your Throat Chakra

I was very fortunate as a child in that my parents paid for me to take voice lessons. At the time I didn’t realise what a sacred gift that was. But the things I learned in my voice lessons helped me strengthen and heal my throat chakra long before I knew what a throat chakra was. 

There are lots of ways to strengthen your throat chakra, but today I just want to focus on three easy things you can do. 

  1. SING! Pick out a favourite song and sing it by yourself. Pay attention to where your voice catches or snags. These can be indicators of energetic blocks, so note what emotions come up as your voice hits these snags. Take deep breaths and sing through them. Really pay attention to your emotions as you sing. Are you embarrassed by your voice? What lyrics in songs affect you most profoundly? What messages can you sense from your own voice as you sing? 
  2. Draw with sky blue. The colour of a healthy throat chakra is sky blue. So go ahead and get a sky-blue crayon or marker and draw out a perfect sky-blue circle that represents your healing, healed throat chakra. As you draw, imagine your throat chakra healing to match your art.
  3. Write out what you haven’t said. Are there inner truths inside of you that you haven’t been able to verbalise? Now is the perfect time to give those inner truths a voice––even if it’s just on paper. Allowing yourself to “speak” the truths that have been on your heart can be really healing, especially if those truths are “embarrassing” or if you feel like others would judge you for having them. The newsflash is: no one gets to judge! This exercise is just for you. So write out your truths and see how freeing it is to really take ownership of the truths inside you that have been waiting to come out. 

As your throat chakra heals and you focus more and more on speaking positivity into existence, you will see how the world around you thrives and how you personally flourish in your life. Breathe in! Speak truth!


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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