Essential Oils for Grief by Kim Morrison, aromatherapist, speaker and author

Over the past two years, the world has collectively experienced a level of loss, grief and trauma that we’ve not experienced before. The grief and sense of loss is evident in how people are communicating with others today. Many are still in the grief cycle, caught up in the anger and pain process. For many, the loss of loved ones, the loss of work, the loss of connections is hard to process. When someone experiences the loss of a loved one, we often feel we aren’t equipped to support them. We send flowers, we send condolences, but then don’t know what else to do. Same with our own losses.

During these times, we are processing some pretty heavy emotions.

To help us manage and process our emotions, essential oils can be of assistance.

Moving through the stages of grief, is not a linear process, nor is it time based. We can move forward and backwards depending on many factors. Remember, that loss and grief is not just an emotional experience, but a physical, spiritual behavioural and cultural experience too. We can also become stuck too.

Using our beautiful essential oils isn’t going to solve these problems, or make the grief go away, but they can help support us as we move through the grief process.  It is important to note too that we don’t want to suppress our emotions during this difficult time. Feel the feelings, allow yourself time and space to process it all, and use essential oils amongst other tools to support and guide your gently throughout the process.


If I could only use one essential oil to support people during the grief process, it would be rose, without a doubt. Rose can help soothe the nerves and feelings of anger and frustration, strengthen the heart, and help release feelings of despair. Salvatore Battaglia says that rose vibrates with the energy of universal love, offering us unconditional love. It helps us to raise our vibrations.  During our time of grief, we need love for ourselves whilst we remember and grieve for what we have lost. Whilst rose is one of the more expensive oils, only a small amount is needed to receive the support we need.


Gabriel Mojay, in his book Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit suggest that cypress essential oils may help us cope with and accept change. He states that “dissolving remorse and instilling optimism, cypress oil helps us to flow with the flux of life. From here we can contemplate the tree’s long and deep relationship to death and the grieving process, and why it was thought to be of comfort to those in bereavement”. Cypress can soothe and strengthen our nervous systems, as well as restore calm. It is also helpful with transition and change, which is why we find it beneficial during this time.


Neroli is well known in aromatherapy circles as an effective sedative and antidepressant oil. Fischer-Rizzi often refers to Neroli as a “rescue remedy” as its scent can stabilise us and reach deep into our psyche and soul. It can bring a sense of peace and hope when we are feeling lost in our grief. Again, only a drop or two is needed, as too much can be too overwhelming for our delicate state at this time


This native Australian oil is recommended for easing tension, anxiety and stress. Robbi Zeck state that it helps move us from hurt to safe, reminding us that we are safe to grief and process our feelings. It can support is with the physical and emotional pain we are experiencing, and also the immediate shock we might experience too.

There are many, many other oils that might be of assistance for us during this time of grief and remember that there is help available to us, and essential oils are but one thing that can help us. Reach out to others. Call government help lines. Meditate. Journal. Sleep. Rest. Do whatever you need to do to help you during this emotional upheaval.

When we are in the middle of experiencing loss and grief, it is difficult to see it anything other than tragic. Allow yourself to feel and express your emotions.

Feel all the feels.

Honour yourself.

Honour your loss.

And remember that you are loved.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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