Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training By Natalie McIvor

Everything, from preparing and brewing your cacao until it reaches your lips is a ritual within itself.  A ritual of presence, purpose, pleasure and spiritual practice. My name is Natalie McIvor and I have been a healer, teacher, facilitator...

Connection between Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Mysticism by Tiya Gorain

The temporal lobes are one of the major lobes of the brain and are located behind the ears. They are most commonly associated with processing auditory information as well as emotions, language, and certain aspects of visual perception. They are also...

5 lesser-known ways to turn your sensitivity into your superpower by Agnes Gomori

For sensitives, growing up in a world which is dominated by non-sensitives is always going to be challenging, unless we learn how to harness our superpower; our sensitivity. The early memories of being in society, such as being at school, puts a...

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