The Lion Inside by LK Tommi

I love exploring with young people the value of the word “Value”. When I buy a Christmas present I love to think about the connection I have with the person and how they bring value into my life. Have you stopped to think about how everything has a value and an energy. Time, presents, people, our family, things that people do for you, playing, exchange of ideas, the words that we speak, how we feel, the value of love, joy and compassion, collaborating and working with people to bring projects or businesses alive all bring their unique vision, energy and value into our lives, and the lives of others.  I could keep writing this list and the more I think of the word ‘value’ the more I see and feel the connection of value into my life. Have you thought of the energy of the word ‘value’? Let us look at the word ‘value’ from an energy perspective:

When we highly value something then we act, we really enjoy the experience, we place it as having high importance, it has an emotional value for us, we talk positively about the experience or the object. We might assign a value of love or joy to the experience or object.

When we are neutral about something we value we go along with the experience or have the object but we do not assign meaning or an emotional value to it.

When we do not value something, we disregard the experience or object as not having meaning for us.

Values are like lighthouses and the compass of our lives, they are signals giving us direction, meaning, and purpose to all that we do.

When we have value in our lives our wellbeing and resilience is enhanced. This holiday period I would love you to put the word “Value” at the top of the page and without thinking write down all the words that come into your thought stream. Then notice how much you will see value everywhere.

When I teach this concept to young people I use the Where Wally books to explain the concept as you know Wally is sometimes hard to find. Value can sometimes be hard to find in our lives but like Wally when we start looking and searching, there he appears.

Another way to have value conversations with children is to read the book The Lion Inside and have the children think about values. You can listen to the story on you tube

My Christmas gift to you is the word “Value”. This Christmas and New Year holiday time think of the word “Value” and you will see how one word can change everything.

In the New Year if you would love your young person to embrace the word “Value” please contact me through Facebook LK Tommi or Instagram and Facebook: The Resilience Tutor.

Happy Christmas and New Year, it will soon be time to enjoy and value all of the amazing experiences that we will have in 2022.

LK Tommi

LK Tommi helps children and families to cope with negative life experiences by teaching resilience skills.

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