Transformation sometimes happens when you least expect it.  There are moments in life that might seem huge or might pass by in a whisper, that forever change your life, usually for the better. 

At the time, you may not realise the impact on your life.  For me, meeting Doll was a transformational moment.  When Doll entered my life, I did not realise how big an impact she would have on it.  I took up horse riding when I was in my forties.  It was something that I had always dreamed of doing.  I enjoyed the time with the horses so much that I decided to buy my own horse.  I asked the Universe to send me a horse that would suit me.  Ms Doll answered that call. 

Doll was a brown coloured, stock horse mare.  We were together for around fifteen years – I stopped counting somewhere along the way.  She was a fantastic teacher, friend, confidant and mentor.  Doll taught me a lot about animal wisdom.  I had started the Pet Energy Therapy business prior to Doll entering my life.  She taught me many life lessons that I now incorporate into my life and my business.  The main thing that she was to me was a mirror.  If I wanted to know how I was doing and what was going on for me in my life, then I just needed to look at Doll.  She was me in equine form.  If I thought that Doll was being cranky and unreasonable, then I needed to look at myself and my actions.  Where was I being cranky and unreasonable? 

All of life wishes to contribute to us.  It just depends on whether or not we are willing to see and receive what we are being shown.  Sometimes we get so caught up in how we believe something is supposed to look, that we do not see what is actually in front of us.  Our filters and judgements impact what we can see/ receive.  When Doll entered my life, I was willing to receive the life lessons and wisdom that she shared with me.  Over the time that we spent together, Doll taught me a lot about being a better leader to myself.  

I have just written a book called, “Dancing with Doll – Accessing Animal Wisdom” which will be released this year.  In the book I share the life lessons that I have learnt from Doll and other animals with whom I have worked. 

My vision with this book is to invite and inspire people to create a greater world for themselves and those around them.  The more of us that are living the lives of our dreams, the more magical the world around us will become.

What transformational moments are your animal friends offering to you in your life?  Are you willing to receive it and ask them to help you create a greater and more expansive life for all of you?

I offer private sessions to help people communicate with their animal friends and understand the wisdom from the animals.  If you would like to know more about my services, my website is:

I have created a group on Facebook for my “Dancing with Doll – Accessing Animal Wisdom” book. The group is free to join and you can receive special offers and gifts by being part of the group:

I look forward to connecting with you and your animal friends.

Davina Herbert

Davina is the pioneer of Pet Energy Therapy and she uses her communication skills and an holistic approach to help restore balance for all your family- including the animal family members.

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