We are all spiritual by Sandra Meehan

What if I told you that there is no such thing as a spiritual healer on planet Earth?
You may be saying right now, what a bold statement to make!

Hi, I am Sandra Meehan from The Powerfull You – sip your favourite cuppa and let’s have a quick chat.

We are all spiritual. Yep, that is right, we are spiritual beings in physicality. In fact, we are all ascending masters in training here to master physicality.

We come here with a spiritual team to help guide us on the planet while we are here, and it is this team that are the spiritual healers.

If you’ve ever watched the Medical Medium and listened to his conversations, he will tell you that it’s his team. He is just a channel. Every single human being can run life force energy through another living thing on our beautiful planet, including the animals and plants. I believe when used, it creates division in a world in which we are trying to bring everything together as one, and nobody heals anybody. You heal yourself.

We are in a time of significant change on Earth – the great awakening – and we are seeing spiritual gurus. I will rephrase that, the so-called spiritual gurus on the planet are falling, being charged with all sorts of crimes.

So many people have been shattered, as they have placed these so-called spiritual gurus up on a pedestal. They have handed over their power to another person, as they believed they were not as good or equal to them.

I have said this before. The spiritual industry is full of smoke and mirrors and the veils of illusion must come down for the industry to survive.
I genuinely believe that over the next 10-15 years we will see a massive change in the spiritual sector. I will even put this bold statement out there that the name will change and the word ‘spiritual’ will be used in the proper context of what it truly means.

There is a saying, ‘where intention goes, energy flows’.

We have all chosen to be here on the planet to not only witness, but to play an active part, in changing the Earth.
Having said that, if each one of us placed our intention and sent the energy of unconditional love for all sentient beings on the planet, we would create change so much more quickly.

I will leave you with this. We are all spiritual beings in a physical body. The time for division and separation between the two is now over as we move into the new energy of 2021 and beyond.


Sandra Meehan

Sandra Meehan and Rebecca Bowden are a mother daughter duo and the creators of The PowerFULL You, and coach business women and female entrepreneurs to break through their limited mindset and rock their visibility from the inside out.

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