Part 2: What Will Integrating The Father Bring? by Rebecca-lee

Last month for Father’s Day we talked about how we cannot heal the feminine without healing the masculine and so integrating the father and healing can be a portal to success and happiness. Healing the father wound can help you with the...

Getting Gutsy about Emotions-Part 1 by Cherie Ashana

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Why is it that we wait until after the fact, rather than taking time out to tune into our needs, wants and desires throughout our entire life? It’s the kind of stuff we just aren’t taught in school or by our...

What’s Possible Naturally For Your Dental Health? By Shauna Teaken

Have you ever had any problems with your gums, like receding gums, bleeding gums, inflamed gums or gum disease? Have you ever had any cavities in your teeth, things like tooth decay, a bunch of fillings or crowns in your mouth? Have you ever...

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