Are you living your life based on your choices? by Jacqueline Murray

Each day we get to make choices about our life. We get to choose our thoughts, feelings and actions. We have the power within us to choose what it is we want for our life. Often when working with a client I remind them of this, as they may have...

Problem-Solving is the Jigsaw of Life by LK Tommi

“The problem is not to find the answer but to discover life.” -Terrance McKenna & LK Tommi. Ah, problems. They seem like a dime a dozen, don’t they? Especially for a teenager, problems seem to be lurking around every corner and...

Uncover the Magic of High Vibe Crystals by Charlie Lally

Lemurian Crystals are very spiritual crystals with a very high vibration energy. When and if you hold a Lemurian crystal, you may feel the powerful energy, making them useful in healing. If you are drawn to a Lemurian crystal, you may be looking for...

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