Are we creating from a place of love or fear? By Sal Holden

Love or Fear? I truly love asking myself this question and to be honest I’ve really needed to refocus my energy, time and time again over the last few months, to come back to a place of love. In different seasons of life, we all go through different...

Whispers by Alexis Moon

Where to start? As a multi-talented creative, I can find inspiration all around me. Channelling my energies into a particular direction. Takes focus that sometimes doesn’t last long. Some may see me as scattered or a social butterfly, sipping at the...

Whole-Hearted Forgiveness of Yourself & Others by Jo Le-Rose

Many advocate that love is the solution to alleviating the world’s suffering, yet the essence of love remains elusive until we master the art of forgiveness. It’s through the process of forgiving—letting go of grievances and understanding the...

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